Who Founded Ten Together?

Ten Together was founded by Ethan Cole Merbaum.

Ethan is and always has been a dedicated individual with a penchant for success. Even before he entered college Ethan was forward thinking and becoming involved with the newest and best.

From being an early adopter of bitcoin to his early adoption of youtube for content distribution Ethan with always has his eye on emerging and promising opportunities.

 Ethan studied marketing at the University of North Georgia, during this time he developed a passion for marketing and business development.

The combined experience as a commercial videographer/photographer, small business owner, and student of digital marketing meant that Ethan Cole had all the tools needed to assist in the development of online marketing strategies for business both large and small. Because he was in your shoes he understands what it means when you invest in your business.

What equipment do you use?

We pride ourselves on only using the highest quality equipment. All our equipment is professional grade and so is our software. The exact equipment used in each production is dependent upon the needs of our clients.

We charge what we charge because of a few different factors. The first is the equipment that we use. We only use reliable and professional grade equipment to ensure that we always are able to broadcast in even the toughest of scenarios. Secondly, The crews we use are fully trained and able to capture each event in the best way possible. 

Why do your charge what you charge?

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, Small business owners that are Veterans of the Armed Services of the United States receive 5% off  our services.